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Harrogate and Rural Teaching School Alliance

(HART Alliance)

The HART Alliance is a group of schools that have a determination to achieve a shared target.


To make ours the best schools in the country.

We do this by...,

Being commited to achieving the very best outcomes for the children and young people in our schools by;

Supporting staff in every school so that they are the very best they ca be at their job.

As a result all children and young people will get the highest quality of teaching so that they get every opportunity to learn as best they can.

We do this by...,

Our staff and children learning from those in other schools by;

Sharing all the very best things that our children and staff do.

Sharing the expertise they have in some areas to help others improve.

Schools using the shared best practice they receive so that they become even better.

As a result each school is part of something bigger and better than they would be on their own.

We do this by...,

Creating learing opportunities through joint training, hubs,networks, working groups with a focus on:

Leadership & Management                                    Continuing Professional Development

Initial Teacher Training                                                    Research & Development

Talent Management                                                         Succession Planning

School to school support                                            Strategic Partnership with LA

As a result no school feels that it stands alone


The Hart Alliance of schools working together gives each school a much better chance of finding those answers.

Our collective aim is that all of the children and young people in our schools become successful as learners, confident as individuals and responsible as citizens.