10 Jul 2020
Reception Y1 Y2 - Class 1
for his super attitude and his participation in our virtual sports day! He was happy to just take part and have fun. Great sportsmanship!
Reception Y1 Y2 - Class 1
10 Jul 2020
Reception Y1 Y2 - Class 1
For having such an amazing, independent attitude to home schooling- she even keeps asking Mummy for more work!
Reception Y1 Y2 - Class 1
10 Jul 2020
Reception Y1 Y2 - Class 1
for her continued dedication to hard work at home and in school-you have been really resilient. Well done!
Reception Y1 Y2 - Class 1

'Purple Ribbon Award' List 2019-20

Award Date Name Reason
06 Jul 2020 Esme For her beautiful smile that she comes in with every morning. She has a wonderfully positive attitude to everything she does. Brilliant!
06 Jul 2020 Hector It has to be Hector again for his wonderful attitude to all of his work! He completes all of this work to an incredibly high level. Fabulous
06 Jul 2020 Thomas For his continued independent attitude to ALL his classroom learning as well as his increasing confidence in himself and what he can do. Well Done!
26 Jun 2020 Charlie For a mature attitude to learning and for brilliant independence in all that he does. As well as a super drawing of Miss Gregory!
26 Jun 2020 Ben For his continued commitment to all his work and super attitude when writing. Fabulous!
26 Jun 2020 Tom For his continual hard work at home especially with his writing, maths and fractions. Super effort Tom!
19 Jun 2020 Hector For all his hard work at home this week and for his continuing commitment to doing his best when home-school learning. Well done!
19 Jun 2020 Ollie Is becoming more and more independent in his thinking and in his work. Well done for all your hard work at home!
19 Jun 2020 Felix for his excellent attitude to learning. Felix is always so keen to have a go! He does everything without a fuss and with a huge smile.
12 Jun 2020 Bobby For getting stuck into his work this week especially his writing. Superb!!
12 Jun 2020 Brooke For her super duper model of carrot club and some super duper maths and writing. Brilliant!!
12 Jun 2020 James For his amazing behaviour in school this week, he consistently showed respect to everyone and everything. James also showed great commitment to his work. Well done James a fabulous week!
05 Jun 2020 Thomas for showing such confidence when speaking to an audience (the class) this week. He has made such good progress!
22 May 2020 Luke For all his brilliant work again this week, and also for writing a fantastic diary entry from the perspective of a pheasant from our class book! It was very creative and funny! Well Done!
22 May 2020 Arran For being a super independent learner and working through all that is being set! He also worked incredibly hard on Sumdog this week! Keep it up Arran- you're a star!
22 May 2020 Annie For her super science skills this week and joining in with some french and agility for the Agility Festival! You have worked hard this week Annie, well done!
15 May 2020 Archie For his resilience in his writing this week and for working on his handwriting. Fantastic!!
15 May 2020 Ollie For going above and beyond with his work! He does what is set with a smile and no fuss. Keep it up Ollie!
15 May 2020 Felix For a super attitude to writing and maths this week! Your handwriting just gets better each time.
11 May 2020 Tom for his brilliant efforts this week, he has really got stuck in with such enthusiasm and interviewed a WW2 survivor as well as making cheese potato dumplings war style! Great work Tom!!
11 May 2020 Ben for being super independent with his work and producing some excellent writing and maths! Fabulous work Ben. Keep it up!
04 May 2020 Charlie for his impressive coordination skills when dodging lasers at Ninja School! Brilliant concentration and problem solving! And for trying to be more independent in his work Well Done!
04 May 2020 Freddie for his continuous hard work and lovely teddy bear division party, sharing and dividing independently and beautifully with his teddies and little brother! Well Done!
04 May 2020 Brooke for showing resilience and aspiration in her amazing division work and because she always has a big smile when she walks past school or on homework pictures! Well Done!
24 Apr 2020 Jasmine Has been getting through an enormous amount of work and doing a lot of extra learning. Your handwriting is really improving. Well done!!
24 Apr 2020 Esme For consistently being aspirational in her work.This is always completed to a high standard-plus she is smiling in all her pictures!
24 Apr 2020 Annie For completing some 'super-duper' work in maths and for some excellent written work. Fabulous!!
03 Apr 2020 Luke For showing such independence in all his work and being aspirational in all he does.
03 Apr 2020 Ben For showing consistency whilst completing all his work everyday and then going the extra mile. Well done!
27 Mar 2020 Charlie For his excellent project work, including planning an allotment, learning about mountains and his perfect dream about driving tractors! Well done!
27 Mar 2020 Ollie For the brilliant work he has produced and following all instructions for everything set for him to do from home! Bonus points for making me laugh with his predictions of word meanings!
27 Mar 2020 Ben For his super efforts on Sumdog with a brilliant high score! Also for all the amazing work he has presented to me this week!
13 Mar 2020 Brooke For independently writing how to count in 2's, 5's, 10's and 3's. What a super star!!
13 Mar 2020 Ryley For always having such a positive attitude to school work and giving everything a go. Well Done!!
13 Mar 2020 Jasmine This weeks Y2 purple ribbon has to go to Jasmine for her AMAZING progress in writing and improved confidence.
12 Mar 2020 Felix For a brilliant effort and attitude to your work you show such enthusiasm especially in your number work.
12 Mar 2020 Thomas For showing amazing resilience in all your work and always having a go, even when you don't find it easy. Well done especially with your reading.
06 Mar 2020 Archie For working hard on your spellings at home and being so independent. Well done you got the right!!
28 Feb 2020 Thomas For his super effort in writing. Tom has written a twisted fairytale beautifully.
28 Feb 2020 Ollie For his amazing concentration in handwriting-your writing was PERFECT!
28 Feb 2020 Harvey For his confidence and new skills when counting forwards and backwards to 10 in maths. Well done Harvey!
14 Feb 2020 Arran For increasing confidence when tackling reasoning problems in maths and then being able to explain them afterwards. Well done!!
14 Feb 2020 Luke For a super independent attitude towards all his learning. Keep up the good work Luke!
14 Feb 2020 Brooke For her resilience when learning to form her numbers, always trying hard and never giving up. Now your 3's and 8's are formed beautifully.
07 Feb 2020 Archie For becoming more and more resilient in his work and trying hard even when it is hard. Well done!!
07 Feb 2020 Esme For always being so helpful, kind and caring. Esme is a little treasure!!
07 Feb 2020 Harvey For some super phonics this week, he has been recognising sounds more and more.
03 Feb 2020 Ryley For working hard and really improving his cursive handwriting. Fantastic!
03 Feb 2020 Hector For showing such super enthusiasm in absolutely everything he does in class. Fabulous!!
03 Feb 2020 Ben For knowing all his number bonds to 10 and recalling them with confidence. Brilliant!!
24 Jan 2020 Charlie For such amazing writing in phonics. Well done!
24 Jan 2020 Oliver For becoming much more independent in all he does in class! Brilliant!!
24 Jan 2020 Brooke Goes to Brooke for her super contributions during circle time. Fabulous!!
17 Jan 2020 Bobby Super counting Bobby and also you are trying so hard in your sentence writing.
17 Jan 2020 Esme For showing such resilience when coming into school this week and for focusing in maths and English. Well done!
17 Jan 2020 Jasmine For her excellent attitude towards her learning this week and for focusing well in her maths and English.
10 Jan 2020 James Wonderful behaviour and well done James for keeping to your New Year's Resolution this week.
10 Jan 2020 Thomas For fabulous independent spelling-out and blending of sounds when doing his reading. Well done!
10 Jan 2020 Felix For showing such amazing independence when sentence writing. Fantastic work Felix!
13 Dec 2019 Charlie For amazing singing and acting in the school Nativity. Well done!
13 Dec 2019 Luke For the outstanding effort he is making whilst rehearsing the nativity.Well done!
13 Dec 2019 Annie For representing the school so well at the pantomime, displaying super behaviour throughout the day.
06 Dec 2019 Charlie For coming to school and showing such resilience after an operation. Well done Charlie!!
06 Dec 2019 Thomas For being an amazing friend,for recognizing resilience in others and suggesting they are rewarded for this.
06 Dec 2019 Esme For her excellent attitude when working on all things 'nativity'!!
06 Dec 2019 Felix For his AMAZING writing that he does independently.Well done Felix!!
02 Dec 2019 James For his super attitude in class, all of this week, in his work and play. Well done!
02 Dec 2019 Freddie For showing a consistently keen attitude in all of his writing. Well done!!
02 Dec 2019 Harvey For showing such good friendship and looking after people in his class.
22 Nov 2019 Jasmine For wonderful handwriting and for getting 7/7 in her spellings. Well done!!
22 Nov 2019 Oliver For taking care to do beautiful handwriting and also for being so polite when talking to our visitors in school this week.
22 Nov 2019 Bobby For showing great enthusiasm for maths and always being keen to learn. Well done!!
22 Nov 2019 Harvey For an amazing attitude in maths this week. He was really keen and enthusiastic. Well done!!
19 Nov 2019 Thomas For looking after and helping other children without being asked. You are an amazing friend!
15 Nov 2019 Thomas For consistently showing the right attitude towards his learning in class one. Keep up the good work Thomas!
15 Nov 2019 Brooke For always having such super behavior in school, focusing and contributing fantastic ideas.
11 Nov 2019 Charlie For his super spelling, writing and attitude in class!
09 Nov 2019 Esme For her increasing independence in her maths and writing!
09 Nov 2019 Ben For his amazing maths work with Mrs Gray this week!!
24 Oct 2019 Hector For such a positive attitude towards his homework and reading.
24 Oct 2019 Freddie For his amazing writing in both English and phonics this week!
24 Oct 2019 Bobby To Bobby AGAIN! for his brilliant attitude to all elements of school life.
18 Oct 2019 Archie For being resilient in his work and always giving things a go.
18 Oct 2019 Bobby For his super confident attitude towards all of his school work!
18 Oct 2019 Oliver For showing increasing independence in his writing.

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