26 Feb 2021
Class 1 - Reception, Y1
For his lovely manners when he is in school and for showing respect towards others. Fantastic!
Reception Y1 - Class 1
26 Feb 2021
Class 1 - Reception, Y1
For always listening well,concentrating and joining in on TEAMS sessions every afternoon. Well done Ted!
Reception Y1 - Class 1

'Purple Ribbon Award' List 2020-21

Award Date Name Reason
12 Feb 2021 Poppy Always gives 110% and is enthusiastic in everything that she does. She is a role model in her work and with her beautiful manners and is always loving and caring to others. Fabulous!
05 Feb 2021 Daisy For her resilience coming onto Teams and joining in with the class. Her confidence just keeps growing and growing. Her writing is getting better by the week. Fabulous!
05 Feb 2021 Harvey For his super hard work at home! He is always first into Teams and keen to join in with a big smile on his face. Keep up the good work Harvey!
29 Jan 2021 Mummy For
29 Jan 2021 Ben For his resilience when his maths gets a little bit hard and also for his dedication to research; calling his Grandma in Pakistan to learn about monsoons. Brilliant!
29 Jan 2021 Isla For her concentration and enthusiasm this week in her maths work with number 8. She has also been so resilient on a morning coming to school. Well done!
22 Jan 2021 Endi For her progress with reading and blending skills, as well as her knowledge of the days of the week. Excellent!
22 Jan 2021 Felix For his enthusiasm and hard work this week. He has written some aspiring writing about his future aspirations using some beautiful cursive hand writing. Brilliant!
15 Jan 2021 George For his enthusiasm in all he is doing at home with his learning-which is lots of high quality work! Well done George!
15 Jan 2021 Benjamin He has shown true courage and resilience as the only Year one child in school and the only boy in class. He has made new friends from class 2 and become a brilliant assistant on teams. Fabulous!
18 Dec 2020 Ben For his increased independence this term and for always giving 100% no matter what he is doing. Well Done!!
18 Dec 2020 Poppy For her outstanding effort in all that she does and the care she shows for others.Well done Poppy for always showing our Christian values.
11 Dec 2020 Annie For her amazing dedication to learning all her lnes as our narrator in the nativity. Fabulous!!
11 Dec 2020 Endi For coming back to school eager to learn, showing aspiration and picking up the nativity so quickly ; ready for next week. Well done!
04 Dec 2020 Brooke For her fantastic attitude in learning and everything she does. Also for her beautiful manners! Fabulous!
04 Dec 2020 George For his fantastic handwriting and for starting to write CVC words independently! Very Well Done!
27 Nov 2020 Tilly For making amazing links in her learning, showing a super understanding of her learning and listening skills. Well done!
27 Nov 2020 Harvey For his amazing aspirational attitude in All his work this week and for always working with a big smile!!
20 Nov 2020 Felix For always trying his hardest and being aspirational and having a go. Even doing Hector's homework!
20 Nov 2020 Poppy For her outstanding 'hold a sentence' in phonics this week! She has blown Miss Gregory away!
13 Nov 2020 Bobby For super effort and for showing our value of resilience when writing his letter to a war veteran. Fabulous!
13 Nov 2020 Daisy For her growing confidence in all that she does. Well done Daisy, keep it up!
06 Nov 2020 Benjamin For settling in beautifully in his first week at our school and in class one. Well done for being so enthusiastic about all that you have been doing this week in class and at club!!
06 Nov 2020 Isla For her brilliant attitude in maths and phonics this week- you've made excellent progress Isla. Well done!
23 Oct 2020 Ben For his increased independence in everything that he has been working on this half term. Fabulous!
23 Oct 2020 Ted For his resilience at school this week. He has kept going despite being so tired at the end of his first half term in school. Very Well Done!!
16 Oct 2020 Annie For her lovely friendship paintings that she made for all of class 1. Fantastic!!
16 Oct 2020 Tilly For her super resilience this week during phonics and free flow. She has also shown our value of friendship. Well done!
09 Oct 2020 Felix For stepping up beautifully to Year one. He is very grown up and responsible. He has been a super helper at Forest schools!
09 Oct 2020 George For always trying his absolute hardest in everything he does. George contributes a lot to lessons. He is also an amazing friend to everyone!
05 Oct 2020 Brooke For being really engaged in her phonics, for always trying her hardest and doing all her homework and spellings well! Fabulous,keep it up!
05 Oct 2020 Poppy For her amazing attitude to EVERYTHING!Her phonics skills are great and her handwriting beautiful. Very well done Poppy!
25 Sep 2020 Bobby For his super efforts in phonics, writing and maths, Bobby has been engaging in all his learning. Well done!!
25 Sep 2020 Endi For her excellent independence in all that she does; Endi will give everything a go! Fabulous start!

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