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Class One Pets Album

18 Jan 2021

Pirates and their Pets - Class One Pets Album

We have been looking at pirates in Class One, and this week we will be deciding what pets would be best for a pirate!

Lets see who has what pets below!

 These are Miss. Gregory's pets: Mila (dog), Luna (rabbit), Theo (cat), Mr. NooNoo (leopard gecko) and Sid (snake).

This is Poppy, Felix's dog.

These are Ben's Guinea Pigs: Flower (white), Lilypad (grey) and Rose (brown).


Daisy has a pet Praying Mantis!

 E's friends dog is called Pocket, and she has 8 fish at home too!

Here is P and her sister's snake Ruford, her pet rabbit Rosie, Sedrick the chameleon and her Grandma's dog Barney!


 George doesn't have any pets, but he would choose a border collie dog called Patch if he were to pick any pet!

T hasn't got any pets, but she spends a lots of time with her Auntie's dog called Watson, and she also rescue's a mountain rescue dog called Scout who she and her brother go and play hide and seek with in the Peak District to assist him with his training!


 Brooke has a pet dog called Prince and she has done some lovely writing about him!

 Benjamin has not got any pets but if  he did he would chose a pet rat and call him Freddie!

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