14 Jan 2022
Class 2 - Y3, Y4
for showing such enthusiasm in all of his learning. Charlie is a pleasure to teach in class and is always showing both aspiration and resilience. Keep it up!
Y3 Y4 - Class 2
14 Jan 2022
Class 2 - Y3, Y4
For showing aspiration and independence this week with his writing. Sammy has been trying extra hard with all of his work since coming back to school. Very Well done!
Y3 Y4 - Class 2

'Purple Ribbon Award' List 2021-22

Award Date Name Reason
17 Dec 2021 Esme For some excellent writing. Esme has shown imagination and independence and has produced some fabulous work. Keep it up Esme, Well done!
17 Dec 2021 William For showing resilience and independence since returning to school. William has worked really hard to catch up. Well done!!
03 Dec 2021 Luke He has shown such resilience over the past month and continued to work hard despite having a poorly hand. Great letter writing Luke!
03 Dec 2021 Arran For his fabulous letter writing. For drafting and then typing it up. He always challenged himself and went the extra mile. Superb!
26 Nov 2021 Thomas For showing excellent participation in our school trip. Thomas showed independence with the different tasks and resilience in the freezing cold. Fantastic!
26 Nov 2021 James For showing resilience and independence on our school trip. James showed excellent knowledge about the Romans as well as excellent participation. Well done!!
19 Nov 2021 Esme For showing resilience in all aspects of her life. She always tries her best and has an excellent attitude to her learning. Fabulous!
19 Nov 2021 Tom For having an excellent attitude to his work. He is always interested, enthusiastic and a pleasure to have in class. Superb!!
12 Nov 2021 Charles For showing aspiration when making his moving picture. He worked independently and helped other children solve problems when making their levers. Fabulous!
12 Nov 2021 Luke For showing such maturity and resilience since breaking his finger. He has worked hard on his moving picture even with a bandaged hand. He has even worked independently. Well done!
05 Nov 2021 Ollie For always being positive. He has a go at everything he asked to do with a smile on his face. A fantastic 'have a go' attitude. Well done!
05 Nov 2021 Arran For being an amazing friend and for supporting and helping a fellow classmate in need. He has really helped Luke whilst his hand is injured. Brilliant!
22 Oct 2021 Esme For always trying hard even when things get tough.This way she succeeds at so many of the tasks she tries to complete. Brilliant Esme keep it up!
22 Oct 2021 William For showing such resilience whilst diving to pick up a weight at swimming. He just kept on going despite finding it difficult and he got it in the end. Fantastic!
15 Oct 2021 Freddie Has shown an amazing attitude to learning during assessment week. He has shown both resilience and aspiration, trying his very best in all assessments. Brilliant!!
15 Oct 2021 Thomas Well done for being full of enthusiasm in everything that the class does. He is a pleasure to have in the classroom and always makes sure everyone is okay. He is a star!!
01 Oct 2021 Archie For working hard to be independent and for doing his homework well this week!! Fabulous!!
01 Oct 2021 Esme For always having an excellent attitude in her work and for showing resilience when it gets difficult always trying hard to finish it well. Great work, keep it up!
24 Sep 2021 Archie For going to swimming with a great big smile on his face and having a good go at everything. Well done, keep it up Archie!
17 Sep 2021 Hector For his enthusiasm for all things Roman. He has really enriched the learning in class with his knowledge of the subject. Brilliant!!
17 Sep 2021 Sammy Who has really grown in his independence when writing. This is highlighted in his writing about 'where reading takes me'. Well done Sammy!
10 Sep 2021 Archie For making a fabulous start to the new term. He has shown resilience with some challenging maths and independence in all of his work. Well done Archie!
10 Sep 2021 Thomas For showing aspiration and independence in your reading. Thomas has come back to school with an excellent attitude to his work and great motivation!!
10 Sep 2021 Luke For working hard at club to harvest our potatoes and then to go that extra mile when weighing and measuring them. We look forward to eating them on Monday.Thank you!

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