06 Jul 2020
Y5 Y6 - Class 3
For having a fantastic attitude towards everything that you do. For showing such enthusiasm and for consistently producing outstanding work. Excellent!
Y5 Y6 - Class 3
06 Jul 2020
Y5 Y6 - Class 3
For showing such aspiration throughout the whole year. The work he has produced has been consistently high standing. Congratulations!!
Y5 Y6 - Class 3

'Purple Ribbon Award' List 2019-20

Award Date Name Reason
26 Jun 2020 Lexi For consistently showing independence and perseverance with all of her home learning. Well done Lexi!
26 Jun 2020 Isaac For showing resilience throughout his time working from home, he has continued to show enthusiasm for all our activities and has produced some excellent work.
19 Jun 2020 Sebastian For fabulous work and for challenging himself in his maths work with harder questions and expectations. Well done!
19 Jun 2020 Jasmine Has shown a fabulous attitude to her work since returning to school. She has been truly aspirational when working on famous explorers.
12 Jun 2020 Charlie For being aspirational in the quality of his work. Also for showing resilience and being very helpful when setting up Teams. Well done Charlie for being such an excellent role model!
12 Jun 2020 Katie Well done to Katie for returning to school with such a positive attitude to everything, also for being such a good friend to everyone.
05 Jun 2020 Lucy For returning to school with such a cheerful and positive attitude. She has worked hard with all her tasks. Fantastic!!
05 Jun 2020 Aaron For showing resilience when consistently having a go at all his home learning and recently he has shown a great improvement in outcomes for his work. Brilliant!!
22 May 2020 Lydia for being aspirational. For the second week in a row - Lydia deserves the purple ribbon for being consistently hard working and producing excellent work. Congratulations Lydia!
22 May 2020 William For being aspirational. William has been trying so hard with all his home learning he has produced some amazing art work and maths. He has also been enjoying our Survivors work. Well done William - keep it up!
15 May 2020 Lydia for showing resilience. This week she has had a go at everything even the PE challenges and all her work is outstanding
15 May 2020 Charlie for being aspirational with all his home learning. He hasn't missed one piece of work and it is all presented beautifully and done to a high standard.
07 May 2020 Isaac for being consistently aspirational with the variety and quality of all his work. Well done Isaac!
07 May 2020 Jasmine for remaining resilient and endeavouring to submit all of her work. Well done Jasmine!
01 May 2020 Olly for being aspirational. Olly's home learning books are looking fabulous and he is working really hard in our challenging situation.
01 May 2020 James for showing great resilience and having a go at every single task I have put up since day 1 of lockdown. The quality of work has got better each time. Fantastic James - keep it up!
24 Apr 2020 Jasper Has been very busy producing some super work on 'Survivors' the class book. As well as completing some great maths work and art work!!
24 Apr 2020 Logan For responding to all the posts sent out by Miss Williamson and producing great work as well as EXTRAS like gardening and baking. Busy busy!!
03 Apr 2020 Amelia Has consistently uploaded all of her online working. She has produced some interesting and thoughtful work from the class book 'Survivors'. Her home learning book is looking amazing. Well done Amelia.
03 Apr 2020 Sam Has worked hard this week making sure he hasn't missed any of his online learning. Beautifully presented work and extras like music, stories and pancake making. Well done Sam!
27 Mar 2020 Jasper Has uploaded some really thoughtful work over this week and has been working independently whilst at home. Well Done!!
27 Mar 2020 Hadi Has completed all the tasks/challenges set by Ms Williamson and more - he writes lots of little comments too saying how much he's enjoying our book. Well done Hadi for such commitment and independence
13 Mar 2020 Katie For showing so much more independence in all her work and steadily making progress. Excellent!!
13 Mar 2020 Hadi For being so enthusiastic, smiling and getting on with everything we do in class, he is both inspirational and aspirational.
06 Mar 2020 Lexi For showing independence in all her work this week. Also for making such great progress in her maths.
06 Mar 2020 Isaac For being aspirational in all your work but especially in your writing. 'Reach for the stars' Issac!!
28 Feb 2020 Lydia For always being aspirational. For working extremely hard already on SATs revision; she has completed a lot of extra work at home.
28 Feb 2020 Sebby For a great attitude and independence in all his work leading to super progress especially in maths.
14 Feb 2020 Olly For being an absolute pleasure to teach and for always being aspirational in everything we do.
14 Feb 2020 Jasmine For consistently completing work to her very best ability and for always showing great independence.
07 Feb 2020 Amelia For fabulous attitude for learning and for always being independent. Well done!!
07 Feb 2020 Samuel For always being so enthusiastic and aspirational in everything we do in class. Brilliant!!
03 Feb 2020 Lucy For growing in confidence and having a 'can do' attitude. This is really beginning to pay of, keep it up. Well done!!
03 Feb 2020 Sebby For showing such a great attitude towards his work. This means he is making superb progress especially in his maths. Well done!!
24 Jan 2020 Isaac For showing an aspirational attitude to his writing, always doing that little bit extra!
24 Jan 2020 Jasper For being aspirational, especially with his writing and reading. Well done!
17 Jan 2020 Lydia For constantly showing empathy and aspiration in all areas of school life!!
17 Jan 2020 Aaron For showing much more resilience when- KEEP IT UP!- Your volume of work has really increased.
10 Jan 2020 Charles For showing our Value of Aspiration this week. Charlie was aspirational especially in his maths!!
10 Jan 2020 Katie Well done Katie for such a superb effort in reading this week!
13 Dec 2019 Jasmine For showing 2 of our values; super independence in her work and she is an amazing friend!!
13 Dec 2019 Logan For showing resilience throughout our tricky tests this week.
06 Dec 2019 Sam For always showing such enthusiasm for everything we do and for consistently producing outstanding work.
06 Dec 2019 Hadi For being aspirational- always going that extra mile in all areas of the school curriculum!
02 Dec 2019 Jasper For showing resilience today. Whilst at swimming Jasper persevered and put a lot of effort in. Well done!
02 Dec 2019 Olly For showing great perseverance when making a beautiful Christmas gift.
22 Nov 2019 William For showing respect for people,their belongings and school generally.
22 Nov 2019 Lexi For always showing empathy to the people around her and for being such a good friend.
15 Nov 2019 Lucy Lucy consistently shows resilience if she is finding something difficult and always tries her best when completing work.
15 Nov 2019 Isaac For a great attitude towards his literacy work and for always using super vocabulary.
11 Nov 2019 Jasmine A great attitude to her learning. For always showing enthusiasm and for putting in that extra effort.
09 Nov 2019 Aaron For always being a great friend and showing empathy to others.
24 Oct 2019 Katie For showing resilience when working on tricky challenging work!
24 Oct 2019 Bailey For showing such independence and enthusiasm. Super work!!!
18 Oct 2019 Jasper For settling in beautifully and becoming more independent in his work.
18 Oct 2019 Logan For really developing his confidence and ability in maths.

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