'Purple Ribbon Award' List 2020-21

Award Date Name Reason
26 Mar 2021 Millie For always showing great independence. She is always busy andhelpful just getting on with things as well as completing all her work. Fabulous!!
26 Mar 2021 Luke For always showing empathy, he is a good friend to everybody and can always be relied on to do the right thing. Superb!
26 Mar 2021 Jack For being aspirational with his reading and writing this week. He has even been working on Shakespeare and making good progress. Fantastic!
19 Mar 2021 Charlie For fantastic independence. He has brilliant thinking skills and he always tries his best to record his work carefully. Excellent!
19 Mar 2021 William For consistently showing perseverance even when he finds his work tricky- he always give it a go before he asks for help. Brilliant!
19 Mar 2021 Amelia For always being independent and a super role model for our school. She always works hard and tries her best in everything we do. Well done!!
12 Mar 2021 Sebby For showing independence and resilience this week. He has returned to school with a great attitude and just got on with it. Well done Sebby, Keep it up!
12 Mar 2021 Toby For showing resilience this week when settling back into school. He has been working really hard and will always ask for help if he needs it. Super Toby keep it up!
12 Mar 2021 George For always having a great attitude towards all of his learning. He has been working hard to be aspirational. Well done George, keep it up!
05 Mar 2021 Hadi For maintaining the aspiration he was showing pre-lockdown, throughout lockdown.He has continuosly submitted outstanding work which is always a pleasure to read.Very Well Done!
05 Mar 2021 Boe Has shown such resilience this week. She has been working particularly hard on her concentration and her presentation. Well done Boe, keep it up!
05 Mar 2021 Bailey For showing such independence with his work this week. He has produced some super poetry and mastered some tricky maths.Amazing!!
26 Feb 2021 Logan For being aspirational.Logan has been working hard and has produced some super imaginative writing. He is also making great progress in maths. Well done!
26 Feb 2021 Charlotte For showing resilience and independence. She always shows enthusiasm for everything we do and works hard to be the best that she can be. Excellent!
12 Feb 2021 William For showing independence and resilience. He has worked hard this week all by himself on tricky fractions and writing. He asks for help if he is stuck and never gives up. Excellent attitude!
12 Feb 2021 Charlie For consistently showing aspiration. Charlie has been fully engaged in all class work and always contributes even though he is working remotely. He always submits a high standard of work. Brilliant!*
05 Feb 2021 Olly For showing aspiration. Olly contributes in all of our lessons with something interesting. He completes all of his work to such a high standard; with beautiful presentation and excellent ideas. Fantastic!
05 Feb 2021 Jack For showing independence.Jack always works hard and is engaged in everything we do. He has understood some tricky fraction work this week. He has also written, edited and improved a super information text.Brilliant!
05 Feb 2021 William For showing such resilience. He manages to complete all tasks with such a positive attitude and a smile on his face. He always tries his best and is making progress in everything he has done. Keep it up William!
29 Jan 2021 Luke For empathy. Luke always considers the feelings of others. He tries his best in everything he does; he is kind, he is helpful and a pleasure to teach. Brilliant!
29 Jan 2021 Robert For resilience. Although it has been a bit challenging at times, Robert has always managed to attend his lessons and have a go at all the work he is set. He has also managed to submit all of his work! Well done!
29 Jan 2021 William For aspiration. Not only has William managed to complete all the work he has been set but he has completed this to a really high standard. Brilliant William, if you keep this attitude up and you will go far!
29 Jan 2021 William From Mrs Thomson. For being such a delight to teach in her group Teams session on a Friday! Fantastic!
29 Jan 2021 Toby From Mrs Thomson for being such a delight to teach in her Teams group lesson on a Wednesday. Superb!
29 Jan 2021 William From Mrs Thomson for being such a delight to teach in her Teams group session on a Wednesday. Fabulous!
22 Jan 2021 Charlie He has a great attitude towards the different ways we are working. He has not given up even when he is faced with tricky challenges. Super work!
22 Jan 2021 Robert For independence. He has attended all of our home sessions and completed much of his home learning independently. Great Work!
22 Jan 2021 Isaac For great resilience and independence. Not only has he attended all of the online sessions but he has made interesting and relevant contributions. He is also submitting lots of fabulous work. Very Well Done!
15 Jan 2021 Aaron For such resilience. He has already submitted every piece of work. When he is stuck he always asks for help and does not give up until he is sure of what to do. Brilliant attitude!!
15 Jan 2021 William For a great attitude to learning and for showing empathy when helping others. This is brilliant, well done!
15 Jan 2021 George Who is new to our school during lockdown and is showing amazing resilience. He has attended every lesson on line and has submitted lots of hard work. Well done George and welcome to our school!
18 Dec 2020 Bailey For working hard this week, for joining in all that the class has been doing this week with enthusiasm and independence. Well done!
18 Dec 2020 Jack For having a great attitude and for showing enthusiasm for everything he does in class. He is a pleasure to teach!
18 Dec 2020 Millie For being such a great help around the school. For showing initiative and for getting things done!!
11 Dec 2020 William For being resilient and working hard particularly in his maths. Well done!
11 Dec 2020 Robert For always having a great attitude and for showing independence in all of his work. Brilliant!
11 Dec 2020 Hadi For producing consistently, super work this week. Always Aspirational!!
04 Dec 2020 Aaron For always showing such empathy and for being an amazing friend who can always be relied upon. Fantastic!
04 Dec 2020 Boe For being resilient and trying her best with tricky challenges. Also for always choosing to do the right thing. Brilliant!
04 Dec 2020 Luke For being aspirational in everything he attempts to do, from being involved in clubs to helping to organise the running. Great work!
27 Nov 2020 Bailey For being resilient and working hard to catch up COVID learning. Great progress!! Fabulous
27 Nov 2020 Charlotte For being independent, very reliable and having a fabulous attitude to her learning. Well done!
20 Nov 2020 Isaac Has been showing a fabulous attitude to learning, he is being aspirational especially in his English work. Well done!
20 Nov 2020 William For being hard working and resilient in his learning and as a result he is making great progress this year. Fabulous!
13 Nov 2020 Charlie For being aspirational and for always showing enthusiasm for everything he does both at home and at school. Fantastic!
13 Nov 2020 Jack For showing super resilience this week and a great effort with all of his work at home and at school. Well done Jack!
06 Nov 2020 William For showing lots of independence this week. He has produced some fabulous English which is beautifully presented as well as some accurate maths. Well done!
06 Nov 2020 William For showing such resilience this week. When he found things didn't quite work out the first time, he didn't give up and gave it another go. Well done!
23 Oct 2020 Toby For showing resilience this week as he continues to work hard to improve his learning. Fabulous!
23 Oct 2020 Toby For showing resilience this week as he continues to work hard to improve his learning. Fabulous!
23 Oct 2020 Amelia For being an excellent role model for our school. She can always be relied upon to demonstrate all our school values. Amazing!!
23 Oct 2020 Logan For always being engaged in everything in class. He is aspirational in all tasks set. Fantastic!
16 Oct 2020 Robert For always being ready to learn. Super independence always and in everything. Well done!
09 Oct 2020 Aaron For being aspirational this week in his work. Aaron is also a fabulous friend to everyone.
09 Oct 2020 Charlotte For always having a great attitude in all that we do. Some great independence shown this week in particular.
09 Oct 2020 Bailey For showing super concentration and independence especially in his morning work. He has produced some excellent spellings, writing and maths this week-keep it up please!
05 Oct 2020 Sebby For being independent, especially in his writing this week and this has produced amazing results. Fantastic Sebby!!
05 Oct 2020 Jack For being aspirational. Jack puts the maximum effort into all his work and never gives up.Well done Jack!
25 Sep 2020 Millie For a great attitude in all her work. She is so resilient and independent!
25 Sep 2020 William For working independently and trying his best in all his learning. Great work William!!
25 Sep 2020 William For always showing resilience when he is faced with a challenge and giving everything a good go. Well done-keep it up!!

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