Homework week 7
17 Oct 2021
Homework week 5 (week beginning 3rd October)
03 Oct 2021
Homework week 4
26 Sep 2021
Homework for week 3
19 Sep 2021
Home work For Week Beginning Monday 13th September
12 Sep 2021


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Wednesday 13th January

12 Jan 2021

Wednesday 13th January 
I will see you on Teams at 10 am, 11.20 and 2pm 



Early Morning Work: 
  -y2 subtraction numberline crossing 10 weds work.pdf-  
  -Y3 weds worksubtraction crossing 10.pdf-  


After your Early Morning Work write a descriptin of your setting for your story in your writing book.  You can use your expanded noun phrases that we did in the lesson yesterday. Try and make your setting come to life with your words so that the reader builds up a picture in their mind.  Upload your writing for me to see.

I will see you on Teams at 10 am.  we are going to look at the word changers and then do some reading.  Please can you make sure you have read 'Smash and Grab' before the lesson and have a copy of it handy in case we need it.  (Mrs MacArthur the books are in Class 2)

After lunch you can do some reading and then some Science:

 We are hoping that Madame Heap will join us for French on Wednesday. You might receive an invitation.  Fingers crossed the technogy works. (Otherwise we will do soem Science!) 

You can read some Paddington to finish the day.





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