class 2 homework week beginning 17th January
16 Jan 2022
class 2 work week beginning Monday 17th January
16 Jan 2022
class 2 work for week beginning Tuesday 5th January
06 Jan 2022
Class 2 work for Monday 13th December
13 Dec 2021
Class 2 work for Friday 10h December
09 Dec 2021
Work for Class 2 Thursday 9th December
08 Dec 2021
Work For Class 2 Wednesday 8th December
07 Dec 2021
Work For Class 2 Tuesday 7th December
06 Dec 2021
Work For Class 2 Monday 6th December
05 Dec 2021
homework for class 2 week beginning 6th December
05 Dec 2021
Work for Class 2 Friday 3rd December
03 Dec 2021
Work for Thursday 2nd December
01 Dec 2021
Work For Wednesday 1st December
30 Nov 2021
work for Class 2 Tuesday 30th November
29 Nov 2021
Work for Monday 29th November
28 Nov 2021
Class 2 homework week beginning 29th November
28 Nov 2021
homework week 9 (week commencing 7th November)
07 Nov 2021
Homework week 8 (week commencing 2nd November)
02 Nov 2021
Homework week 7
17 Oct 2021
Homework week 5 (week beginning 3rd October)
03 Oct 2021
Homework week 4
26 Sep 2021
Homework for week 3
19 Sep 2021
Home work For Week Beginning Monday 13th September
12 Sep 2021


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Class 2 work for Thursday 21st January

20 Jan 2021

Class 2 Work For Thursday 21st January
I will see you on Teams at 10am, 11.20 and 2pm

Early Morning Work:     
-LKS2 Building Writing Stamina - Day 7.pdf-  

-rainforest comp Year 2.docx-  

-rainforest comp year 3.docx-

 Year 3 start with the extension adding 3 numbers. Time yourself and see how quickly you do it. Year 2 do the exxtension when you have finished the first sheet.
-extension adding 3 numbers.pdf-  

 Year 3 maths mastery.
-year 3 maths 21121.docx-  

Reading/Spelling: If you have still got the 'Smash And Grab' story please can you have it ready. Don't worry if you don't I will put the text on the board.

  -lit text-V317328123.pptx-  
Please can you also have your whiteboard or pencil and paper handy and your highlighter.

  -Differentiated Countries with Rainforests Activity Sheet-V317311049.doc-  
-Lesson Presentation Where Are the Rainforests-V317310967.pptx-  

Writing:  We are going to be talking about how we can build suspense in our stories. You just need your writing book and pencil and ruler.




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