class 2 homework week beginning 17th January
16 Jan 2022
class 2 work week beginning Monday 17th January
16 Jan 2022
class 2 work for week beginning Tuesday 5th January
06 Jan 2022
Class 2 work for Monday 13th December
13 Dec 2021
Class 2 work for Friday 10h December
09 Dec 2021
Work for Class 2 Thursday 9th December
08 Dec 2021
Work For Class 2 Wednesday 8th December
07 Dec 2021
Work For Class 2 Tuesday 7th December
06 Dec 2021
Work For Class 2 Monday 6th December
05 Dec 2021
homework for class 2 week beginning 6th December
05 Dec 2021
Work for Class 2 Friday 3rd December
03 Dec 2021
Work for Thursday 2nd December
01 Dec 2021
Work For Wednesday 1st December
30 Nov 2021
work for Class 2 Tuesday 30th November
29 Nov 2021
Work for Monday 29th November
28 Nov 2021
Class 2 homework week beginning 29th November
28 Nov 2021
homework week 9 (week commencing 7th November)
07 Nov 2021
Homework week 8 (week commencing 2nd November)
02 Nov 2021
Homework week 7
17 Oct 2021
Homework week 5 (week beginning 3rd October)
03 Oct 2021
Homework week 4
26 Sep 2021
Homework for week 3
19 Sep 2021
Home work For Week Beginning Monday 13th September
12 Sep 2021


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Class 2 work for Monday 19th July

18 Jul 2021

 Class 2 Work For Monday 19th July

Here is the work for today. You can upload any work you do.  

Spellings:  Learn this week's spellings.  If you want to do extra you can do 'Dots and Dashes'.  Remember a draw a dot to represent 1 letter 1 sound, a dash for 2 letters 1 sound and a smile for a split digraph. ( the second sheet has the answers if you want to mark them).

 -rocket spellings14.docx-  

-rockets dots and dashes-V332769686.pdf-  

-astronaut spellingsummer14.docx-  

-planet spellings14.docx-  

-planets and astronauts dots and dashes.pdf-  

We have been learning about unit and non-unit fractions.  I have uploaded a link to an online lesson for you.  There is also a powerpoint that you can work through if the link doesn't work.

link to the lesson:

-non unit fractions teaching powerpoint.pptx-  

-unit and non unit fractions extension.pdf-  



As we have been practising the songs from 'The Pirates of The Curry Bean'  I thought we could make a comic strip of a pirate story.  I have up loaded a template that you can use.  If you haven't got a printer you can make up your own design.  


Topic:   Have a look around your house and see if there is anything you can use to make a pirate ship.  You could use lego to make a model or build an imaginary one in the garden using boxes and sheets/ material for sails.  Let your imagination go wild!  Send me a photo.  I'd love to see your creations.



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