class 2 homework week beginning 17th January
16 Jan 2022
class 2 work week beginning Monday 17th January
16 Jan 2022
class 2 work for week beginning Tuesday 5th January
06 Jan 2022
Class 2 work for Monday 13th December
13 Dec 2021
Class 2 work for Friday 10h December
09 Dec 2021
Work for Class 2 Thursday 9th December
08 Dec 2021
Work For Class 2 Wednesday 8th December
07 Dec 2021
Work For Class 2 Tuesday 7th December
06 Dec 2021
Work For Class 2 Monday 6th December
05 Dec 2021
homework for class 2 week beginning 6th December
05 Dec 2021
Work for Class 2 Friday 3rd December
03 Dec 2021
Work for Thursday 2nd December
01 Dec 2021
Work For Wednesday 1st December
30 Nov 2021
work for Class 2 Tuesday 30th November
29 Nov 2021
Work for Monday 29th November
28 Nov 2021
Class 2 homework week beginning 29th November
28 Nov 2021
homework week 9 (week commencing 7th November)
07 Nov 2021
Homework week 8 (week commencing 2nd November)
02 Nov 2021
Homework week 7
17 Oct 2021
Homework week 5 (week beginning 3rd October)
03 Oct 2021
Homework week 4
26 Sep 2021
Homework for week 3
19 Sep 2021
Home work For Week Beginning Monday 13th September
12 Sep 2021


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class 2 work Monday 1st February

31 Jan 2021

Class 2 Work For Monday 1st February 
I will see you on Teams at 10am, 11.20 and 2pm

Early Morning Work:     

 -emw monday5.docx-   

  After your early morning work finish your rainforest report if you have not already done so.  If you have write about what you did at the weekend.  Remember to send Ms Wilson your report.


  -y2 rev equal groups mon.pdf-  

-year 3 mon equal groups rev.pdf-  


  -astronaut spellingsspring 5.docx-  

-planet spellings spring 5.docx-  

-rocket spellings spring 5.docx-  

After lunch do your Personal Best Challenge and upload your results.

-Researching Habitats Activity Sheet Editable.doc-  

  -Lesson Presentation World Habitats.ppt-  

We are looking aat newspapers this week.  Please can you print off this article for the lesson and have a highlighter ready.

  -newspaper article.docx-  

After our lesson please can you watch Newsround on CBBC.



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Hi yes Freddie’s rainforest work should be in last Friday 29th Ham homework section. Sorry it was late I posted a load this morning for Friday Monday and today.
Miss Lindsay Potter - 02 Feb 2021 - 21:34
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