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Class One Learning WC/ 29th April

06 May 2024

Class One Learning WC/ 29th April

Lots going on in the classroom as we learn play and grow this week- as well as celebrating birthdays with our friends with a pinata!

As a class,we have continued learning about Kings, Queens and Monarchy! EYFS got creative with junk modelling resources and created a castle to explore in their role play! They included lots of fancy patterns and materials and talk of what it might look like inside Buckingham Palace! Year 1 and Two learned about King Richard the Third and the theories that surround him- we debated whether we thought he was guilty or not guilty! We then explored what kinds of foods King and Queens would have eaten at a medieval banquet; the thought of 26 boiled eggs, a swan and pigeon weren't that appetising! We fininshed off in the sunshine with the scrap store, creating our own banquet head table complete with appropriate foods, table cloths and, of course, lots of royal acting!

EYFS have made their own playdough this week, looking at how the ingredients mix to create different textures. They have had a great week exploring wth their very own playdough- Miss. Gregory has had many treats made for her including blueberry muffins, gingerbread men and cookies! I often wonder, "Do you know the muffin man?", but we got creative and made up our own versions of the nursery rhymes this week including the rainbow man who lives up in the clouds, the farming boy who lives in a pig style and Miss. Gregory who (rumour has it) lives up on the moon!

In Maths, EYFS have been exploring the counting pattern to 13! They have loved playing a variety of games such as '13' and 'which basket?' to further embed their mastery approach to maths. Year One have been covering length and height and using a ruler to measure objects, exploring accuracy and always starting at 0cm! Year Two have continued to work with money, applying all they have covered in finding change and word problems!

Fingers crossed for even more sunshine next week!

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