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Working Hard Week Eight

31 May 2020

🏡Week Eight pictures of you working hard from home!🏡

I wonder what this week will bring! If you want to feature just upload a photo of you working hard for your friends to see!
👁‍🗨 Who will you spot? 👁‍🗨


 Sat and wrote her book review on Winnie the Pooh and then set up her science experiment with her little sister !


 Worked hard on his numbers and looks to be ready for an afternoon nap!

 She is looking very proud of her beautiful natural numbers!

 She has been very creative and made numbers from construction materials! That 10 is bigger than you!

 Hopes for the future!

She is keeping her lockdown hopes a secret until lockdown is over!

 She is really enjoying checking on her experiment everyday!

 This wellbeing jar has been decorate to be an octopus and all the family are going to put their ideas in the jar!


 Working hard on some spelling and writing- shes concentrating very hard!


 Meet the new addition in his family... this is Coco! She is just a puppy and so cute and adorable! 😍

 Found lots of things on his scavenger hunt and learned that an 18 sided shape is a Octadecagon!

 Taking her scavenger hunt outside and found lots of natural things like the ducks seen here! She walked past school and gave us all a wave too!


He has had a great Mindfulness Morning with his brother!

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