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Working Hard Week Nine

08 Jun 2020

🏡Week Nine pictures of you working hard from home!🏡

I wonder what this week will bring! If you want to feature just upload a photo of you working hard for your friends to see!
👁‍🗨 Who will you spot? 👁‍🗨


 Doing some baking to start the week!

 Drawing lots of hats from his reading task!

 Drawn and labeled a rather fancy christmas hat!

 Great wellbeing Jar!

Making his multiplication arrays using concrete objects found naturally... flowers and stones!

Been very busy today ad has MADE the Carrot Club! Complete with a picture of Clive Carrot and Sally Sprout! She looks very pleased and proud of herself! 
  Using LOL dolls to help her with multiplication today! Looking very happy with herself!
Worked very hard on his multiplication and writing this morning, and then done his DT this afternoon! What a super glittery octopus!
Brother and sister have had a great time painting with fruit and vegetables... and then painting each other! 
 Super proud of her writing today! And so you should be! Well Done!

 Modeling and made Ruff-Ruff the dog!

Very proud of his super duper writing!

Doing some arrays and multiplying with money!

  The Carrot Club maths sheets from Twinkl! (She is making an excellent teacher ready for her sister starting in September!)

 Fantastic cartoon drawings of the Carrot Club Characters!

 Working with Mummy, ready to write a story on the computer! You look very professional there!

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