Working Hard Week Six

10 May 2020

🏡Week Six pictures of you working hard from home!🏡

I wonder what this week will bring! If you want to feature just upload a photo of you working hard for your friends to see!
👁‍🗨 Who will you spot? 👁‍🗨


 Jasmine has started the week by making a chocolate cookie clock!

 Freddie being super smiley having drawn the Keeper!

 Ben's clock is bright green with a smiley face!

 Esme is learning about the human body with big brother Charlie!

 Luke's clock is actually a jigsaw! Double the fun!

 Ben's exercise consisted today of doing a sheep related just dance! He's clearly missing Just Dance sessions in Class like I am 😭
 Jasmine had great fun making a storm in a cup!

 Freddie and his big smile again having done some great time telling!

 Hector and Felix became scientists today and made it rain!

 Who is this member of Class One you may be thinking? Felix is taking to photography and this was his portrait of Storm!

Jasmine has done some baking today towards her baking badge for brownies (I think you need to bake 'brownies' next!) 
 Jasmine has loved Danny Champion of the World that much she has now moved onto reading The Enormous Crocodile! All before doing some more time work on her cocolate chip cookie clock!
 Ollie has done some B-E-A-T-U-T-I-F-U-L handwriting today as well as lots of work on telling the time on his clock!
 Esme got VERY creative with her reward system and made it very colourful! She earns tokens to go into her box that she has even written encouraging slogans onto!
 BSL- British sign language alphabet flashcards on Tinycards
 Brooke has been doing some sign language today! Can you work out what she is saying?

 This is one of Ben's guinea pigs- Lillypad! I though I would share her to make you smile, as it made me smile lots!

 Jasmine made a vortex today toward ANOTHER brownie badge! she's been enjoying blowing things away with it!

 Freddie has been very creative and put lots of numbers and mathematical symbols onto pebbles to help him with his maths!

 Ollie and his little brother Toby have thoroughly enjoyed playing with the lego this afternoon!

 Freddie was (clearly) very proud of his handwriting today 😁😄

 Annie has been learning to tell the time, practise her handwriting adn working hard... all with a jar on her head!

 Ollie designed the pheasant grabber and drew this beautiful picture with Daddy!

 Jasmine is working very hard on telling the time!!

 Ben did some minecraft yoga today!

 Luke has been practising tricky times today!
 Esme has done some just dance, typing practise, telling the time work and came up with a rather unique way to catch the pheasants involving a bum-bag!

 Tom is learning to tell the time with Miss.Gregory's favourite- Dr.Seuss!
 Jasmine and made her mummy proud today as she and Bobby Bear cycled 6 miles before relaxing by the river!

 Luke has been practising using his new reward chart today! Lets hope you earn extra time for the switch Luke!


 Jasmien doing some super time work on MyMaths!

 Esme is really bring out her inner scientist learning all about the human body!

 Jasmine has been putting her money skills to good use counting it out to pay for some eggs to deliver to her friends!

 And in between working and delivering she has been making things! I wonder who this is!

 Ollie enjoyed a lovely stroll by the river with his dog Maggie today!


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