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Working Hard Week Seven

17 May 2020

🏡Week Seven pictures of you working hard from home!🏡

I wonder what this week will bring! If you want to feature just upload a photo of you working hard for your friends to see!
👁‍🗨 Who will you spot? 👁‍🗨




 Collecting some natural resources to 'make something special' ! We shall all watch this space (no pressure!)

 Worked very hard on his sumdog challenge today!

 Has worked very hard today on all her tasks and enjoyed decorating her sumdog garden! She then spent the afternoon in her allotment with Mummy and her sister!

 Has done some fantastic descriptive writing! Work hard then play hard, playing on the quad bike and digging up some soil!

 There is a teeny tiny person ready to catch his parachute!

 Watching our 'bestest' friend Jack Hartmann!

Doing some fantastic science... from the kitchen table... with bare feet! I hope they were clean!
 If I was having a competition for the most excited looking child... EVER... he would win hands down!

He has done some amazing speech work involving a HUGE dinosaur and a tiny mouse!

 He has done some beautiful speech between a giraffe and a crocodile!

 After doing all her hard work she chilled out blowing some dandelion clocks!

 He found a very exciting hexagon shape when he went on his shape hunt today! yum yum 😋
She has been doing some French with her older brother, and THIS is the masterpiece we have all been waiting to see! I can't wait to see it finished and hung up!

She has had great fun doing her science experiment... and then wearing it 😂 

Built a huge tower out of 2D shapes! All in his unifrom, someone is missing school! 😥

 Here we can see a VERY proud girl after her 3D shape hunt!

 He has been practising his agility ready for the final scores tomorrow!

 He has thoroughly enjoyed an afternoon in the beautiful sunshine after his work this morning!!

She has been a huge help for her Mummy in their allotment this afternoon, and then had a bike ride- fabulous action shot 😂 
 Now, I know I said 'watch this space' and that I'm excited to see this masterpiece hung up, but I never in a million years expected this to be waiting at school for me this morning from Wow! She has made this beautiful masterpiece for me and needless to say it made me emotional! Thank you, I am going to attach some string tomorrow and hang it up in my living room- which is also red so will fit in perfectly!! We will be dancing again soon, what a great girl !!

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