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22 Sep 2023






Making a Fruit Salad in DT

18 May 2023

In DT, we have been looking at Food and Nutrition. We have learned the difference between fruit and vegetables, where different fruits and vegetables grow and what healthy and unhealthy foods are.

Today, we put our new knowledge and DT format into practise- Explore, Design, Make, Evaluate.

We explored new equipment and the different ways they work. We talked about how to be safe and hygienic when working with these tools and fruits. The children were each givena  carrot to expore grating, peeling and cutting in a variety of ways.

Once we had explored the different equipment and methods, we looked at what fruits were on offer to then design our own fruit salads. The children thuoght hard about what fruits they wanted in their own salad and how they were going to prepare these fruits.


Then came making! The children were amazingly competent with the equipment, considering the safety of themselves and those around them! The children flourished with independence in preparing and making their own fruit salads!

Once the fruit salads were complete.... of course it was time to taste them! The children dug straight in and I can honestly say not a scrap of fruit was left in any of the bowls! We then did some evaluating, considering the taste, appearacne, what went well, what we would change and an overall rating!

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Class One, you have worked amazingly this afternoon to achieve so much! Big Thank You to Mrs. Fawcett and Tash who came in to help us acheive our new culinery skills this afternoon!
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