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Class One Learning WC/ 6th May

07 May 2024

Class One Learning WC/ 6th May

Another busy week that saw lots of sunshine!

In science, Class One have been learning all about 'plants'! Year One and Two have been learning about seed dispersal and the importance of seeds being able to disperse and germinate away from the 'mothering' plant! We looked at some dandelion clocks and used the power of our breath to be the strong wind blowing the seeds away! We also looked at sycamore seeds and how they are also designed to fly/disperse aswell before making our own out of paper! Nursery and Reception investigated a wonderfully set up 'plants and gardening' tuff tray digging and poking, planting and arranging, as well as learning the 4 main parts of a plant (flower, stem, leaves and roots) and looking at a variety of different seeds. They then went on to set up a Garden centre complete with a cafe where you could eat edible flowers- what great imaginations!

In EYFS, the children are starting to extend their 'teen number knowledge' and are exploring numbers 14-20! They have enjoyed playing games of snap and making their own number books based on the story of "The Real Princess: A Mathemagical Tale" By Brenda Williams. Key Stage One are learning about fractions; what a fraction is, what the numbers represent, key vocabulary such as whole, half, quarter and using apples they explore how two quarters is the same as one half!

We have been continuing to update our reading area and the children were asked to help by colouring in lots of leaves... Miss. Gregory saidd she was planting some magic beans and needed the leaves to put over the top to hide them... when they came in the next morning there was a beanstalk leading all the way up to a giant and a castle!

The reading area is developing week by week- do have a look when you're in the classroom!


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