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Science Experiment- Paper absorbancy26 Sep 2023Pri: 26/02/2024 PE with Mr. Barber22 Sep 2023
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Science Experiment- Paper absorbancy

26 Sep 2023

Science- Everyday Materials

In Class One we are learning about Everday Materials in Science. We set up a class experiment using a jug of water and toilet roll and made predictions about what would happen over the course of the lesson and over night! The children were very surprised to see that the water absorbed all the way to the very end of the toilet paper by this morning!

Following on, we were testing our own hypothesis' about absorbancy. The children made predictions about what type of paper would be the most effective at mopping up a small puddle of water!

They then worked in teams to carry out their investigations and take it in turns to do different roles.

Next we will disucss our findings and decide which paper we would use to make the best mop for Bobby Bear!






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